Network Operations

Network Operations

The start-up of a network is a singularly critical step in its life. This involves setting up the system and maintaining it at top-quality performance. It also touches on fibre optic connections, trunk cables, distribution cables and so on. The overall objective is simple: maintaining the signal at maximum capacity, from source to subscriber.

When it is well done, the benefits to the enterprise are significant:


  • Client specifications and standards are met
  • Improved overall performance of IT personnel
  • Improved network productivity


Network start-up is one of the first steps taken in a telecommunications project. This is why RINET TELECOM has in-house experts who specialize in telecommunications start-up projects.

Over the years we have developed the following approach:


  • Situation analysis and diagnostic
  • Network installation and set-up
  • Network repair and optimization

RINET TELECOM has assembled a team that works closely with clients with an eye to long term relationships, and the ability to follow up with future network modernization and maintenance projects.

Are you looking to start up a network or perform maintenance on the one you have in place?