Outsourcing of Technical Services

Outsourcing of Technical Services

There are circumstances, planned or unforeseen, that may lead a telecommunications enterprise to seek a one-off intervention by qualified personnel for a specific period of time. It could be a modernization project, a special project or several other situations.

It is during these times that you need to call on professionals ready and able to take on the increased work load. For a limited time, companies bring in the resources needed for as long as it takes to complete the job. This is a classic application of outsourcing.

It’s the best of both worlds: you get the benefits of an outside consultant and the practicality of an in-house employee.

 Some of the advantages are:


  • Less complex, smoother human resource management
  • First-rate expertise, for a specific need and pre-determined period
  • Access to qualified professionals, adding project flexibility


Our team of professionals has been assigned to the service of various businesses for several years, and has always done so in a timely manner. They have been called upon to implement the called-for solutions, on-site, while providing personalized service to the client. For companies, it’s the ideal situation: they benefit from the expertise of industry specialists without the hassles of personnel management.

There are many situations well-suited to the outsourcing of telecommunications work. These include:


  • The modernization of your network
  • Special projects
  • Significant accelerations in project deadlines

Do you need outsourcing assistance for a telecommunications project?