Overhead and Underground Cable Installation

Overhead and Underground Cable Installation

In telecommunications, the establishment of new structures should be placed in the hands of expert, experienced cable installers to reduce worry and complication. It is a fact that the installation of overhead or underground cables demands a thorough understanding of the trade. The elements of the job may vary:  pole removal and installation, locating existing structures, installation and/or decommissioning of support structures, etc.

Choosing a specialized installation team brings numerous benefits to the client. For example:


  • The utmost in safety and security
  • Complete guidance through the process from experienced professionals
  • A full-service solution with experts ready to advise you on all your telecommunication questions


With specialized cable installation crews, RINET TELECOM is able to offer you complete installation services for cables of all kinds. The company is certified for confined space and aerial work, so we can tackle any type of structure. Our experience includes projects with major enterprises as well as SMEs. Our people are extremely flexible in approach, as we serve a varied clientele.

Here are just a few examples of the services RINET TELECOM provides in overhead and underground cable installation:


  • Dismantling of structures
  • Installation of coaxial cable
  • Installation of fibre optic cable
  • Removal of cables

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